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How to get weed out of your system fast

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System to Pass a Drug Test

Everybody want to know how to get wee out of your system, how to get clean as fast as possible in order to pass that damn urine test.

I highly recommend you to do your own research, because its like everything else is a business, there are hundreds of websites, selling various detox products. They claim these drinks and pills will get THC out of your system within days, these are all lies. DO YOUR RESEARCH! For more, check out on Weed Detox.

Detox drinks for Drug Test Vs Natural Detox

As some have had success ,there is only a 50 percent passing rate for these thc detox drinks..Go on Amazon and read VERIFIED purchase reviews on the exact product he used or any other so called top rated drinks like qcarbo32 that are guaranteed to work.

And you will see that all drinks have at best 55 percent passing rate,,most have less than that.And its funny how they claim 99.6 passing rate in ad Yet the real reviews beg to differ by a large amount!!!

..Why take the chance!!! YOU CAN NOT RELY SOLELY ON THESE PRODUCTS!!!YOU WILL MOST LIKELY FAIL IF YOU DO!!! Don’t believe me,,just google,or go to WEBMD or go to the MAYO CLINIC WEBSITE or to 420magazine,high times forums, or any other drug testing forum and read about 50 percent passing rate with these drinks.

The people who passed did so because of low thc levels combined with time and dilution and replenishment of vitamins and minerals with the detox drink so lab won’t suspect dilution.

This is a fact!!!! This is what thc detox drinks do!!If you are very light smoker these products might help.But you can accomplish same process with lots of water,b12 and creatine..Don’t believe me,,research these forums or the net and you will see !! Be clean or sub is the only way to be safe.. Don’t take the chance!!!

How to get wee out of your system

Natural ways to clean your system out

If you want to learn How to get weed out of your system fast better if you check out some legit website which provides useful info on detoxification. As you probably know there are so any affiliate website which try to sell you basicaly anything. They will promise everything:

„Magic pill that will clean your system out f THC within 2 days” and stuffs like that. Iam wondering how could a flush toxins out of your system in such a short period of time, for me it sounds very unreal, and because I have tested a couple of detox products (drinks and pills as well) I know these don’t work that way.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

The best what you can do is to wait till your system naturally detoxing itself, it takes time, but this is the only safe way. Getting weed out of your system always takes time, the first:

Best you can do is to STOP SMOKING, I repeat: STOP SMOKING MARIJUANA

Drink gallons of water every day, it will help to flush drug metabolits out

Eat health, fiber rich foods and Veggies- No More fast food

Exercise regularly

If you follow these suggestions you will be able to pass a urine drug test within moderate time, again, do not expect this over night. For a light smoker I would say 10-14 days, for a heavy smoker…well, it can take up to 3 weeks!


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Stop What You Are Doing and Read: Marijuana Will Kill You

If you smoke marijuana it will kill you. To be honest with you there are many things worse that can happen to you if you partake in this recreational adventure. Marijuana is a horrible drug and I can not be persuaded to believe any different. I have seen the commercials on the television, and to be honest, I would take the word of the television over any marijuana smoking hippie.

There are a few things that those who smoke the marijuana cigarette should be aware of, aside from the obvious fact that it can kill you. By smoking marijuana you will waste your life away. This will happen, there are NO exceptions. If you are currently in high school or college you will drop out. This is because marijuana makes you lazy. Look at the hippies of the 1960’s. Those were some lazy people if I have ever seen any. All of those individuals were smoking the marijuana.

Marijuana may very well likely cause you to hit a girl riding a bicycle as you leave the drive thru at your favorite fast food restaurant. Believe it or not, this is actually true. I saw this on television. It is highly doubtful that the television would air a commercial that would mislead viewers in regard to this. This point needs to be stressed. The odds are very likely that you will hit a young girl on her bicycle if you smoke marijuana.


There are those who claim the marijuana is not really a drug. This is absolutely not true. It is as much of a drug as any other. Marijuana is a gateway drug and could very well lead to drugs such as cocaine and heroine. If you smoke marijuana you could very well become a heroine addict. I heard this from a reliable source.

Marijuana is illegal. The government would not illegalize anything unless it is for our own good. Many of those who are in prison for marijuana related charges will spend more time in prison than convicted rapists. There is a reason for this. Marijuana is very dangerous, to us and those around us.

The marijuana smoker is not the only victim of this deadly drug. Many marijuana addicts steal money from their grandmother’s purse. They do this in order to feed their habit. How do you think the addict will feel once their grandmother passes? What if that money they took from her purse was money that grandma was planning to use to purchase her medicine? That marijuana addict may have killed his own grandmother.

Marijuana addicts often forget to pick up their little brothers from school. This may not sound serious, but it is. This teaches the child that being irresponsible is alright. Ultimately it teaches the child that marijuana is alright. This will lead to the downfall of that child. This child will never make anything out of his life because his or her older brother smoked the marijuana.

Marijuana does not only hurt you, but those around you. The drug ruins life, and is on the same level as cocaine and heroine. In conclusion I urge you to put down that marijuana cigarette, and to get those who are addicted to the drug off of the green leaf. Jesus would not smoke marijuana, neither should you.

Huffing: When Everyday Household Chemicals Kill Teenagers

The fourth most commonly abused substance among 8th – 12th graders in the United States may not be what you think. It is not alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana. The fourth most commonly abused substance by this group of teenagers is inhalants.

According to, huffing is defined as “purposeful inhalation of chemical vapors to achieve a feeling of euphoria.” If you do not think that your local high school is affected by this type of substance abuse, think again. Nearly 17 million people have experimented with inhalants at least one point in their lives. Eighteen per cent of 8th graders have admitted that they have tried huffing to get a high at least once in their lifetime. Alternative words for “huffing” are sniffing, dusting and glading.

Common household items used for huffing include, but are not limited to: hairspray, rubber cement glue, furniture polish, air fresheners, spray paint, paint thinners, propane gas, correction fluid, cleaning fluids and aerosol whipped cream propellants.

In all, there are over 1400 known substances that are capable of being huffed. Due to the fact that most of these items are readily available in most homes makes it harder for parents to know if their child is experimenting with huffing. There is no need for the teenager to “hide” the evidence. Teenagers who may never try illegal drugs, may try huffing due to the ease of access to the chemicals.

Dangerous chemicals

With it being so easy for teens to hide the evidence, you may wonder what the signs are that your child may be huffing. Common signs of inhalant abuse include: red, runny eyes or nose, chemical breath, slurred speech, drunk appearance, sweating, correction fluid on nose, fingers or clothes, apathy and paranoia. Another thing to look for is cotton balls/rags and plastic bags with a chemical odor.

Huffing can cause many physical and mental complications. Complications associated with huffing are cardiac arrhythmia’s, suffocation, damage to the optic nerve, kidney damage, liver damage, heart disease, breathing disruptions and asphyxia.

Huffing is known to also cause death. In 2001 Indiana teen, David Manlove, died at the young age of 15 after huffing computer duster. You can read his memorial here. In July of 2009, a 19 year old woman died after huffing air freshener. She was found in her home approximately eight hours after her huffing related death.

Huffing is more common than most of us would like to believe it is. Teenagers, do not fall into the peer pressure of huffing or any other substance abuse. It could end your life before you are able to show this world what you are capable of! Parents, do not be naive. Talk to your teenagers about the dangers of huffing and other substance abuse today.

The most successful methods to detox from the THC

Every person has some ideas about the detoxification at this time. On the other hand, users of marijuana only seriously focus on how to detox from THC and get rid of all possibilities for the positive result in the drug test. They get confused with a wide range of suggestions soon after they seek the detoxification from the THC. They have to be conscious on the most recommended approaches for detoxifying from the THC in safe hands.

A simple abstain and wait is enough to get THC out of your system. You may get any difficulty in this approach and seek how to easily detox from THC in recent times. Fruit pectin is the most recommended do it yourself detoxification method to avoid a positive result in the salvia, urine and blood test. This fiber provides an appropriate gel consistency to jams and jellies. You can mix this packet of fruit pectin with an appropriate electrolyte and drink it on the day of a test. You will get the most expected result.

More than a few detox drinks are available in our time. These drinks are usually designed to dilute urine and remove toxins from the body. You can read unbiased reviews of these drinks and compare such drinks based on several factors. You will get the absolute guidance and fulfil your expectations on the easiest way to avoid a positive result in the upcoming drug test.

In general, workplace drug tests involve urinalysis for metabolites. The overall level of THC in your blood stream is increased soon after you have consumed the marijuana. You have to consider the total amount of THC and its metabolites in your body, the type of test you may take and testing level for your drug screen. You will get an outstanding assistance and fulfil your expectations on the safest detoxification